Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hospitial bit II

This is a continuation for the previous update  I'm not really sure if it fits but tell me what you think please.
This guy was like 70 easy and the TV is 6 feet up and 12 feet away considering the world record for longest cum shot is 18 feet and this guy just cleared 12 at 70. I actualy had to bust out my ld high school math text book to remember how to figure out a hypotenuse, (a squared + b squared = c squared) just so i could figure out how far an old man nutted, roughly 13 feet FYI.
Here's the thing that grosses me out the most though the TV was at such an angle to his bed that he would of had to bend the business at an 80 degree angle to even point it at the TV. That is unless he had spider-man like powers and he could climb the wall behind the TV and masturbate there.


  1. Wow... 13 ft... That's... ummm I dont even know what to say. lol!

  2. I'm going with him being spider man, only explanation.

  3. Yes, please be Spider Man. The world needs a new one.

  4. LMAO dude seriously, that old guy sounds like a boss. I wouldn't want to walk on him havin a wank.